Love Spell

Love Spell

This spell is for LOVE.  This spell can be tailored so that you can cast it to attract the love of another, to help you to love yourself or to rekindle a love (please read notes below) 

This spell can be single, double or triple cast and a kit is also available to purchase for an extra boost.

  • Things to Note

    NOTE: Please bear in mind that someone who is unavailable in this realm will also be unavailable in any realm.  So for example, if your intended love is already in a relationship with someone else then the likelihood of the spell working for you is low.  Also - if your love interest is a person you are never going to meet (a film star for example!) then casting a spell is pointless.

    If looking to rekindle a love, you must be in at least contact with the person in question.  A love that was over 3 years ago and you haven't seen or spoken to them since will not miraculously rekindle with a mere spell.  Also - if you are divorced or your relationship has irrevocably broken down - spell work alone will not rekindle the love.


Double or Tripe Casting

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