Lemon Oil - Organic

Lemon Oil - Organic

Lemon Oil not only has an amazing scent but the aroma is refreshing and has awakening properties.


In Magick uses are for Love, Purifictaion, Longevity, Friendship, Faerie Workings.


In Aromatherapy lemon oil is good for Circulation, blood flow, blood pressure, fever, bronchitis, sore throat, sinus, asthma, flu, boosts immune and digestive system, headache, arthritis, losing weight and acne.

  • Additional Product Information

    Organic essential oils are oils that are derived from plants that are not grown using pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals. 

    All our essential oils are studiously selected, bought more often than not from primary sources, tested for purity and subjected to rigorous quality control standards.

    The environmental and Spiritual importance of having pure grade oils is essential in the work that we do. 


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