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About The Spell Sisters

Who We Are

We are 2 sisters born into a family with a rich history of spell casting and white witchcraft.  We love our work and are so lucky to be able to help people from all over the world.

You will see that we not only offer a range of spells for all budgets but can also provide the products for your own rituals and to cast your own spells.

In our shop you will  also find a rich array of aromatherapy and spiritual products.


The Spell Sisters FAQ

Spell Casting - Common Questions

I am nervous - will casting a spell bring bad Karma?


There is nothing to worry about if we are casting a spell on your behalf or if you are working with magick youself.  The Wiccan concept of things backfiring and causing negative repercussions has been popularised in the movies and on TV shows, but the reality is that not all magickal practitioners subscribe to such beliefs.

How long will my spell take to work ?

This is a really tricky question because there is no rule of thumb for this. It will vary from person to person and case to case. Some people will see results begin to manifest within a matter of days. But for others, it can be some weeks. In some instances, the results may even take a few months. It is worth bearing in mind that some situations will benefit from a single spell casting, while others may require more add-on spells to be cast to or to have the spells done regularly and on a longer term basis. Each situation will vary and it is very important to stay positive and have patience.

What can I do to help the results?

It could help to use of one or two simple magickal products or perhaps meditation & visualisation techniques. The most significant thing you can do  is to keep a positive mindset about the spell work. A belief and full confidence in the spell casting's potential to yield good results will feed positive energy into the mix.  On the flip side, having doubts about the process or think other negative thoughts in connection with what you are trying to achvieve can also be counter-productive.  Never under estimate the power of your own mind and imagination! 

Are spells guaranteed to work ?

It would be very irresponsible for us or any other spell caster to guarantee results. We are highly experienced practitioners of magick and have many success cases during our years of casting spells with many regular Clients.  There is every chance that the spell work requested will give you positive results, so just keep a positive mindset about it and visualise a successful outcome.

What are the signs a spell is working ?


> You may start to dream about the person more frequently

> Odd coincidences start to happen

> Words or images connected to the situation keep appearing to you randomly

> You may start to get unexpected phone calls or correspondence that relate to the situation

I don't think my spell has worked. What do I do now ?

There are always going to be situations where spells do NOT work. This can be due to a number of reasons. The most common being :

> You were working with a spell kit & you did not follow the instructions and guidelines properly

> The situation you are trying to 'fix' was too far gone, so it was beyond any help

> Sometimes it just wasn't meant to be.  The Universe may have a different plan for you that you are unaware of yet!

> Your goal was unrealistic, for example wanting to win the lottery

> You were trying to bend someone's will in your favour but their mind was just too strong so the person was too well 'shielded'

> You only approached the issue from one angle , sometimes you have to attempt spell work that covered various areas so all elements of the issue were addressed

> You had or have, a negative opinion about the magick (whether concious or unconcious). You might think it won't work or that magick could be nonsense. Projecting this kind of energy out can affect the magick greatly. Truly believing a spell can and will work is a key part of it working for you.

> There is already a spell cast upon the person or subject which could prevent other magick spells from getting through

Whatever the reason, you could try again, perhaps from a different angle next time. That is entirely up to you of course.


Some of your spells sound like black magick - is it dangerous?

We practice Hoodoo so there is no such thing as white magick, black magick or grey magick.

Spells just are what they are - just like nature is nature.  We believe the intent behind the magick is more significant. For example; If we had a request to make a 'target' do morally questionable things, we would refuse.  If we were asked to cast a love spell and the intended target was married we would refuse. 

We DO NOT practice any kind of magick that makes us uncomfortable with regards to the reasons behind the spells requested.

Do you get psychic messages during or after the spells?

We are not psychic nor do we get any insights about the outcome of the spells.  The Magick we practice is very practical. We gather the ingredients much like baking a cake and then follow a ritual much like a recipe.  The skills we have inherited & honed over the years is the ability to channel our energies, minds and emotions into the spell work.  Every spell casting uses a great deal of our energy and concentration and we speak the ritual out loud while the spell burns.  We do not receive messages or visions in the flames or the candle wax.  We will send photos to you so that you have proof we have carried out your request once the spell has been completed.

I'm not sure what spell I need - do you give advise?

Of course!!  We are very happy to advise you if you have a serious question about having work done.

If your situation is complicated then we offer a consultation service which you can purchase from the menu.  We will then be able to offer you a more detailed recommendation tailored to your specific requirements.

What are single, double and triple cast spells?

Quite self explanatory really.  A single cast is when a spell is cast once. Double casts involve two castings and triple casts involve 3. Double and triple cast spells are performed on the same day, one immediately after the other. The benefit is, the more times a spell is cast, the stronger the spell tends to be


Spell Casting


Please browse through the various spells, once ordered we will send details to you of what we will need to carry out your spell for you.
If you are unsure please feel free to drop us an email first and if you have a complicated situation, please use the consultation service where we can delve deeper into the details for you

Casting Hours

All our spell work is carried out during the relevant moon cycle and on the most appropriate day and are time specific.
We are unavailable weekends but still carry out spell work during this time if necessary

Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00


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